Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This summer I am invited to 3 weddings. Yes it seems like everyone in my life is getting married but me. But that is not even the worst part. I received a text message from 1 of the brides talking about she stressed. So me being the friend that I am, I tell her to calm down & let's try to figure out how to fix the problem. This is when the Trifling part comes into play. She tells me that she stressed because she wants to sleep with someone other than her fiance before she gets married. *Blank Stare* WTF she can't be serious. I try to calm down & ask what the hell she talking about. She says that something in her is telling her to sleep with one last person just to get it out of her system. *rolls eyes & head spins* This is the type of trifling shit that I am talking about. Now this man thinking that her smug ass is the one but she want to sleep with someone else before they get married. See chicks like her ruin the good men & then when they get a Great Women like me... He is all battered & bruised & has given up on love. I mean seriously what if he did that shit to her. She would want me to gather up the goon squad to kick his & her ass. This is the most trifling shit I have heard in a long ass time. Why the hell did she tell this man that she would marry him. I mean am I over reacting. Because here I am 28 years old ready to spend the rest of my life with Mr. Right. But hell I don't have a ring. I mean I've also be faithful to one man for the past 4 years & 2 1/2 months but I still ain't got no damn ring. Trifling Ass Chicks... When will they learn?