Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone and happy holidays. It has been a while since I've added an entry and I apologize for that. I've been caught up in the holidays, work, the mister and the King but I'm here now. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did. Although Santa did not bring all that I wanted, being able to give the people in my life all the things that they want was priceless. Seeing everyone else smile from my act of giving is what Christmas is all about. Most years I am the one receiving all the things that my heart desires but this year it felt better to give.

As the end of 2009 quickly approaches I hope that we all take the time out to Thank God for allowing us to make it this far. There were so many people that did not make it so for that we are truly blessed. There may be somethings (people, material things, attitudes and bad habits) that we all need to leave in 2009 because they may be holding us back from achieving greatness. I am not the type to make New Years Resolutions because they fail by my birthday which is Jan. 17th by the way. LOL So instead of making a New Years resolution let's just try to achieve greatness. Let's leave all negativity in 2009 and just look forward to another year of success. We can't control what didn't happen in 2009 but you can plan for 2010. So to all my readers let's strive for Greatness in 2010 Know that we are too Blessed to Be Stressed. Happy New Year's !!!!