Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 9 A song that I can dance to

I am a dancer... that is what I do. But lately I have been into the whole stripper/exotic dancer thing LOL *Don't judge me* I even have a stripper name. But I'm not telling ya'll my name cuz I might be performing at a club near you. BOL

Anyways, a song that I can dance to would be a Miami Native Alyric Bounce Dat Ass. Whenever I hear this song, my booty starts bouncing up and down like it has a mind of its own. LOL Baby you can't tell I'm not on stage in KOD and they making it rain on me. Ha, ha, ha!

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.... Bounce that Ass up and down!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is getting really fun. A song that I know all the words to? Oh my this takes me to seventh grade with my Best Friend in the whole wide world. We use to go online and get the words to any song that's hot at the time. LOL Either that or we use to record the them on tape and play them back until we learned all the words. WOW those were the good old days. So the choice for the song that I know all the words to is Crosswords by Bone Thugs and Harmony.

This songs goes out to my Bestie Brandi Joyce. Enjoy!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 7 A song that reminds me of a certain event

I graduated from the best college ever FAMU !!!!!!! I love FAMU. I bleed orange and green. There is no school better than FAMU. When trying to find a song that reminds me of a certain event that would have to be S.O.S. BY FAMU MARCHING 100!!!!! Every time I hear this song it takes me back to Homecoming 2000. When I say that was the best homecoming ever. I was a freshmen in college and was finally at a homecoming without my parents or church group and was free to do whatever I wanted to do. I had so much fun that weekend. It was amazing. I never had so much fun in my life and it just let me know how great my time at FAMU would be.