Sunday, May 16, 2010

His Gratefulness

On this beautiful Sunday Morning I just want to share one of my favorite gospel songs. Hezekiah Walker Grateful. I love this song. It says all the things that I'm feeling.

I am grateful for the things that you have done.
Yes I'm grateful for the victories we've won.
I could go on, and on, and on about your works
Because I'm grateful, grateful so grateful just to praise you Lord
Flowing from my heart, Are the issues of my heart
His Gratefulness

I am grateful for all the things that God has done for me & continues to do for me. That gratefulness is flowing from my heart. Thank you Lord for it all. I am forever Grateful.

Sunset in the Keys

A little over three months ago I got the biggest surprise of my life. It was Valentine's weekend and love was in the air. The mister & I decided to drive down to the keys for the weekend and oh how I love the keys. That Saturday morning we both had a few errands to run and we decided that we would leave Miami at 12 noon. Of course I wasn't even home at 12 and the mister was pissed. When I finally got home at 2 he was going in on how I am always late. And how I need to grow up because it makes no sense that we still hadn't left Miami. He has something to do in the Keys and I am making him late. While he talking all this noise I am taking my time packing for the weekend for King & I as well as trying to book us a hotel room over looking the water. For some reason I couldn't book the room and the mister is getting even more upset. We finally leave the house and drop King off with my brother and are on the road around 3. The entire ride the mister has an attitude but who the hell cares. I was driving so I had my iPod on Shuffle as he slept in the passenger seat. It was really cold in Miami this winter so we were both bundled up on the ride down. When we finally made it to the keys it was around 6. We drove around looking for a ocean view hotel room but everyone was booked. Around 630 we finally got a room at The Southernmost Point hotel, which is absolutely beautiful by the way. We get the key and take are luggage to the room. As we are settling in, I look out of the window & see the most beautiful sunset ever.

Me: Babe look at how beautiful the sunset is.
Mister: Let's go out to the Pier to see it.
We walking out the room to the pier and I am stopping taking pictures like a straight tourist and here goes his attitude again.
Mister: Hurry your ass up before we miss the sunsets.
Me: Whatever boy! *Snaps picture of myself* LOL
We finally get to the pier and there are several people looking out at the sunset. And of course I am still taking pictures.
Mister: Take a picture of me.
Me: Ok *Snap*
Then I try to take a picture of the both of us and this older couple walks up and ask if they can take a picture of us.
Me: Sure *As I walk over to them with the camera and show them how to use it*
Grab a Kleenex because the next part will make you cry. LOL
As I turn to walk next the mister for pictures it happened...

The moment I had been waiting for...

The mister was down on one knee with a box in his hand...

Me: Oh my God, Oh My God, Oh My God are you serious?
Mister: *smiling from ear to ear* Yes I'm serious. WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Me: Oh my God, Oh My God, Oh My God!!!!! At this point I can't remember what hand to give him but I am still in shock because this can't be happening.
Mister: Babe give me your hand.
My mind finally registers that it is the left hand so I give it to him. He takes the ring out the box and slips in on my finger.
Me: YES, YES, YES I will marry you! *insert lots & lots of tears here* LOL

Can you believe it? The Mister and I are getting married. All my life I have dreamed about how my engagement would be but never in a million years could I have imagined it would be any more perfect than it was at Sunset on February 13th, 2010. I love this man with all my heart and can't wait to become Mrs. Williams.

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