Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Story continued...

I run to the kitchen and grab a hammer. It was the only thing that I saw at the time. When he runs in the kitchen after me, I throw the hammer and it graze the side of his face. He turns and looks at me. I know that he is gonna kill me....

Well as you can see, he didn't kill me. I am still living to tell you all my story. I really don't remember what happened after that. It was like he was a different person in the kitchen. He just turned and walked away. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in for the rest of the night. But I was armed with bleach and cleaning supplies in case he wanted to try anything.

But he didn't.

The next morning he sat outside the bathroom door and cried for me to forgive him. He said that he did not know what happened to him and that he really needs help. I sat on the other side of the bathroom door and cried as well. I cried because as I looked in the mirror, out of my right eye because the left was closed shut, all I could see was a monster. I also cried because I knew that he needed help. He was a mess and there was nothing that I could do that would make him change. After about 30 mins of the crying I asked him to take me home. The entire ride home I sat in the back seat because I was too scared to sit next to him. I had never been so afraid of anyone in my life.

I know you all thinking that this must have been the last time I even spoke to this man but honestly it wasn't. We ended up being together for 2 1/2 more years. In that time I became a very angry and violent person myself. Whenever I thought that he might consider putting his hands on me, I would try my best to beat the shit out of him first. I can say that since that day at his mom's house he never hit me again because I was like a demon or a ticking time bomb. But he did hit the chick that he was cheating on me with. She called the police on him and he was locked up for like 2 days. The judge sentenced him to like a year of probation, 6 months of community service and anger management. He really needed that anger management because obviously he didn't learn his lesson.

That was 6 years ago since he hit me and exactly 4 years since I left him. And it feels good to say that I am a survior. I wrote this blog to help anyone that may be in a situation like mine. I know that it is hard and you don't want to tell anyone because they will judge you. But you have to tell someone. If they don't know then they can't help. I regret not saying anything because I could have prevented all of these things from happening to me. If they hit you once, they will do it again and again. There is never a reason for anyone to put their hands on you.

And to all my friends, don't feel bad because you were not able to stop this from happening to me. Or because you were there while it was happening. That was not your fault. I was younger back then and afraid of what you all might think of me. But I am older now and I'm a stronger person because of it. Let's not let this happen to anyone else you may know. Even if they don't want to hear what you have to say, we have to help them get out of this BAD situation. Because they may not be as lucky as me to live and tell their story. Domestic violence is not OK and it is every one's business.


Your Lil Sis! said...

I love it keep writting!

Mz. Whit said...

I have the upmost respect for you. Share your story and save lives.

LionsVictory said...

You sharing your story will help someone else.

Nishant said...

nice written

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