Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soon to Be Mrs. Williams 11/05/11

Hi guys I know that it has been a long while since I blogged but I have been kinda cheating with tumblr. *hides face in shame* LOL Anyways I am back and in full effect. Hopefully..... Yesterday marked exactly one year till our wedding date. *big smile* I will soon be changing my last name to Williams and I am so excited about that. But with the excitement comes the stress of planning the wedding of my dreams. I only plan on doing this one time so I have to make it right. Before the baby comes in February I want to have a nice amount of things planned because I will have to take a little break. But that is fine. My first stop is hiring a wedding planner. I was gonna try to do it all by myself but I can't. I have way too much stuff going on to think that I am superwoman. SMH Yeah a planner will be one more thing we have to pay for but it will eliminate lots of headaches.

Wedding Countdown Ticker

I am really excited about this wedding thing. I mean I have been back in forth with all type of ideas. The most recent being to do a small beach wedding before the baby. But that got way too overwhelming to be small. LOL I had to fall back and just wait till my original date. SMH I was about to go into labor planning that thing. LOL But its cool because like a said before I will just plan the wedding of my dreams and live happily ever after with the mister. I love my man and can't wait to be come his wife.

Future Mrs. Williams