Friday, August 6, 2010

Models #6

In middle school I was really tall and skinny. And because of that, I wanted to become a model. My mother signed me up for Barbizion Modeling. My cousin and I use to go every Saturday to practice being a model. We learned how to walk the run way and pose like mannequins. We also learned to have proper posture which I really needed. Because I use to let my height get the best of me. While attending these modeling classes, my mother spent lots of money in hopes of me really getting a shot like Kimora Lee Simmons. That shot never came and my mother was done with them ripping her off every weekend.
After that experience I got more involved in sports. I began to run track, cheer and dance. And I loved it. It was actually more fun than modeling. It also made me more toned so I wasn't this tall and skinny chick anymore.
Once I got to college the modeling opportunities showed there face again. At FAMU, they have several different modeling troupes which are really good. But for some reason I decided to stick to dancing.
As I look back on my modeling experience and see how these chicks out here today that claim to be models, I realize that industry is not for me. Now a days as long as you take some sexy lingerie pictures you are a model. O_O WTH if that is the case than everyone is a model. What happened to having pure beauty? Just because a man ask you to take half naked pictures of you, it does not make you a model.
I am so happy that I didn't get caught up in that life style. Because so many chicks are being taken advantage of just wishing for that big break. Being the next Tyra Banks or Kimora is most little girls dream but if every photo shoot you are naked, that won't be you. Woman need to understand that you don't have to be naked to be sexy. Leaving something to the imagination is sexier than putting it all out there. So if you are reading the post and you inspire to be a model, I hope that you are not allowing anyone to take half naked pictures of you in hopes of becoming the next big thing. Because all you might every be is Ludacris next video girl.