Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unexpected #5

During our Valentine's trip we had a blast. Life was great and we did not care about anything. We made love all weekend and forgot the condoms.... It was just that serious. Not once did either one of us stop and think that it was possible for us to conceive a child with all this love making and no protection. That was not on our minds because we were the happiest people in the world. Nothing around us mattered... Not even using protection.
That was until the drive home. I looked over at the mister
Me: Babe we are tripping.
Him: What are you talking about?
Me: All weekend we made love with no protection like we are ready to have another child.
He looks at me with the Oh Shit look!
Me: When we get home, I will stop to the pharmacy and pick up the Plan B.
Him: Ok cool.

We drove back home holding hands and talking about all the excitement from the weekend. We had a great time but missed King and was ready to pick him up. When we got home I ran to Walgreen's and purchased the Plan B. I took it as directed and went on with my life.
The mister and I were still on our honeymoon, even though we were back to reality. We made love every night and went on dates every weekend together. The only difference is we made sure we used protection because we weren't ready for another child. The plan was to purchase a new house and then get married fall of 2011. That would give us enough time to save for both.
Well a month after the engagement, I began to cramp really bad and got my monthly visitor. But this time something was different about it. So something told me to take a pregnancy test. And low and behold it was positive.

I cried and I cried because this was not part of the plan. We were not ready for another child. I was working on my sexy body for my wedding. I told the mister and he was excited. He wanted to have a little girl to make our family complete. Although I wasn't completely thrilled just seeing the excitement in his face made my heart smile and I knew everything would be ok. At that moment I accepted that we would have another child by the end of the year. What an engagement?


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Wow what a gift in addition to THEE gift! All the soul shaking lovemaking on the honeymoon! Uh huuhhhh!